100 Islamic Whatsapp Status for Every Mood

Are you looking for some good Islamic Whatsapp Status and teachings? They’ll elevate your WhatsApp status presence. We’ve compiled the top 100 thought-provoking Islamic quotes. They will make perfect WhatsApp statuses.

This exclusive collection features profound excerpts from the Holy Quran. It also includes motivational words from the Prophet Muhammad. It also includes wisdom from Islamic scholars.

Whether you seek phrases on love, life, patience, or prayer – we have statuses for every mood and emotion. Share them as your Social Media stories and posts too.

Save these Islamic WhatsApp statuses. Share them with your family and friends. Let these meaningful messages remind you of your faith when you need it the most.

100 Islamic Whatsapp Status and Quotes

Hey, want the coolest Islamic WhatsApp statuses and quotes to share with your friends? We chose 100 powerful ones that are perfect for you.

We took meaningful verses from the Quran. These are wise words said by Prophet Muhammad and deep thoughts from experts. They cover all kinds of feels – happy, hopeful, grateful, chill – you name it!

Save these ready messages or share them on your WhatsApp profile. Post some dope stories on Instagram and Facebook too. Send some to your best buds and cousins for extra good vibes. Let the nice words inspire everyone to spread more light.

Happy Mood:

Count your blessings, not your problems. Alhamdulillah for everything.
Make dua, Allah listens. Do zikr, Allah remembers. Trust Allah, Allah provides.
Smile, it's sunnah. Pray, it's fardh. Be patient, Allah is with the patient ones.
The beauty of Islam is seen through its followers. May Allah guide us all.
Islam teaches peace, unity, and brotherhood. May we live by its noble principles.

Thankful Mood:

Each day my faith gets stronger as I see all Allah's blessings and favors. Alhamdulillah.
If you want to see Allah's favor, look at who you were before and who you are today. Alhamdulillah for Islam.
Every time you think you don't have something, look at the things Allah has given you. Alhamdulillah.
When you can't find reasons to be thankful, remember health, family and Islam. Three big blessings always there.
Focus on what Allah has given you and that itself is the biggest blessing to be thankful for. Alhamdulillah.

Seeking Forgiveness:

We all commit sins knowingly or unknowingly, may Allah forgive us all. Ameen.

Seeking Allah’s forgiveness brings peace to the heart. Astaghfirullah for all shortcomings.

I pray my fasts and prayers are accepted. May Allah forgive all believers. Ameen.

We are all sinners. But the best of sinners are those who repent. Astaghfirullah.

None is perfect except Allah. Ya Allah, please cover our sins and forgive us. Ameen.


It’s never too late for sincere repentance. Allah loves those who repent abundantly.

The beauty of tawbah is turning back to Allah no matter how big the sin. Have firm hope in Him always.

Rush to repentance and seek Allah’s mercy. Verily a sinner becomes clean like a newborn child. Subhanallah!

Hasten to repent before the pangs of death come. May Allah make it easy for us all to repent. Ameen.

The best act is repentance to Allah. His mercy transcends His wrath. Make sincere tawbah always.

Seeking Guidance:

When in doubt, seek Allah’s guidance. When in trouble, seek His help. And when in need, plead to Him alone.

Attach your heart to the One who created it in the first place. Seek Allah’s guidance in all affairs.

The straight path often seems challenging, but it leads to Jannah. May Allah guide us to stay firmly on it.

Ask Allah alone for guidance in all matters. Verily, the heart finds rest only by His remembrance.

Our own wisdom fails many times. Seek Allah’s guidance at all times as He knows best for us.


This life is fleeting. The reality is the eternal life after death. May Allah help us all prepare for it.

Everything will perish one day except His Face. Live for Allah, die for Allah.

Death can come any time. Live each day for Allah as if it’s your last. Ameen.

Everything is temporary – our problems, sorrows and happiness. Focus on the eternal life after death.

Make use of your health and free time before sickness and old age renders you helpless. Remember, this life is short.


When Allah takes something away from you, it’s because He wants to give you something better. Have hope!

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. Have patience and keep hope in Allah during trials.

Don’t lose hope in the mercy of Allah. He forgives all sins. Turn to Him, repent sincerely and have hope.

When hardships fall, when tests abound, seek joy in worship and make dua. He hears. Have hope.

The Most Merciful tests us so we turn back to Him. Never lose hope in Allah’s vast mercy after making taubah.

Remembrance & Worship:

Abundant dhikr polishes the heart until it becomes a mirror reflecting the marvels of Allah’s Glory. Subhanallah.

The sweetness of worship overflows from the heart into the whole body when fully present with Allah. Subhanallah!

Salah is a key that unlocks the doors of Allah’s mercy. May we be consistent on it.

Worship in small amounts but with full presence of heart is dearer to Allah than worshipping excessively in heedlessness.

Hasten to break bad habits before they break you. Replace them with good deeds and worship instead. Indeed, Allah loves virtue.

Quran & Sunnah:

Hold firmly to Quran and Sunnah in all your affairs. Follow the Sahaba who the Prophet (PBUH) praised for their guidance.

Indeed the best speech is the Book of Allah and the best guidance is that of Muhammad (PBUH). May we live by them.

When emotions blur your decisions, turn to Quran and Sunnah for clarity. Practical guidance for all affairs of life. Subhanallah!

Follow the commands of Allah and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) if you desire Allah’s love. It’s as simple as that.

Quran and Sunnah contain cures for depression, anxiety, fears and laziness. Spend time understanding and applying them. In sha Allah.

Patience & Gratitude:

Patience in adversity and gratitude in ease – two traits vital for inner peace. May Allah bless us with them.

The beauty in Islam is seeing ease and adversity as an opportunity to worship Allah and grow closer to Him. Subhanallah.

Our attitude towards difficulties determines how happy we stay despite challenges. Let hardship make you patient, not bitter.

When struck by grief, remind yourself of Allah’s blessings upon you. It will fill your heart with gratitude, not sorrow.

Hardships come and go. With every difficulty, ease will follow. Face all trials with patience and gratitude. In sha Allah khair.

General Islamic Reminders:

Our purpose in life is to worship Allah, hence make all efforts sincerely for His sake. May Allah accept our efforts.

The heart will not find complete satisfaction except by worshipping Allah alone. Make that your ultimate goal.

Islam covers all aspects of life, hence provides guidance in every matter. Subhanallah! What a perfect way of life.

The beauty of Islam cannot be appreciated until it is practiced. May Allah guide us all to practice it in the best way always.

Islam encourages unity, spreads love and aims for global harmony though submission to One God. Subhanallah.

Indeed the remembrance of Allah is greatest. Keep your tongue moist with His praises.

Islam is simple. Don’t complicate it with man-made rules. Follow it as Allah revealed and Prophet (PBUH) taught.

The best provision is taqwa while travelling to the eternal life after death. May Allah bless us with it in abundance.

There is nothing dearer to Allah than a servant who weeps in the darkness of the night, asking Him for forgiveness.

Happiness lies in obeying Allah and sadness comes from disobeying Him. Make the right choice always.

Do not trust anyone completely except Allah. But do not forsake the trust people place in you either.

Our eyes and hearts find comfort only with the remembrance of Allah. So remember Him abundantly.

Islam covers all aspects of life, so turn to it for guidance and solutions to all problems. Indeed, therein lies great wisdom.

Worship Allah like you need Him, obey Him like you will be judged by Him and love Him like you cannot live without Him.

The fragrance of Islam lasts in a mortal life and the fruits of faith survives for an eternal life ahead. Subhanallah! What an honorable deal for a believer!

Attach yourself to obedience of Allah and depend fully on Him alone. He will take care of all your worries.

The hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of life. Keep patience and trust Allah’s plan always.

This world was never a place of permanent comfort. Focus your efforts for success in the eternal life after death.

Keep balance between your worldly duties and working for the hereafter. Indeed, excessiveness is not liked by Allah.

Islam is simply living by the commands of Allah in every aspect of life. May Allah guide us to practice it wholeheartedly!

Seeking Protection:

I seek refuge in Allah from laziness, depression and all types of worries. My Lord is the best Protector.

Oh Turner of Hearts! Keep our hearts firm on Your deen. Verily, only You can protect us from going astray.

Protect us from trials that lead us to confusion, O Allah. You alone we worship and You alone we ask for help.

We seek refuge in Allah from trials that make faith waver and from deception that leads hearts astray.

O Lord! Save us from the whispers of shaitaan and protect us from falling for his evil plans that only lead to hellfire.

Qadr & Rizq:

Have firm belief that whatever is written in your qadr will come to you. No power can stop it. Have yaqeen in Allah’s decree!

Worrying cannot add a moment to your life nor provision to your rizq. Focus your energy instead on being closer to Allah.

your rizq is fixed no matter how less or more you earn. Be content with what Allah gives and keep doing good deeds only seeking His face.

Do not be disheartened by seeing others prosper more. Their rizq is written for them and your rizq is written for you!

Do not worry excessively about provision. Whoever fears Allah, He will make a way out for him and provide from sources unimagined.

General Reminders:

Indeed easiness comes with hardship. So face all trials with patience and remain grateful always.

Run towards Allah long before you have to run to Him with no chance of coming back.

Do everything seeking the pleasure of Allah alone and He will be enough for you against all hardships. What an honorable transaction!

Our destination is Jannah, hence focus all efforts on accumulating good deeds only for the sake of Allah.

When you sin openly, hasten to repent secretly. And when you obey Allah openly, glorify Him secretly. Verily He loves those who turn to Him.

Every difficult trial is an test so turn back to Allah immediately. And every ease you have is also a test, so be grateful immediately.

We don’t realize the greatness of Allah’s mercy upon us. Let us reflect on His favors and be thankful to Him immensely!

We will be accountable for every blessing Allah bestowed upon us. Are we grateful enough for all His endless favors?

Race towards good deeds! Verily the little persistent deeds are beloved to Allah. Consistency is key so do something little but regular.

Our problem is we keep saying tomorrow for good deeds. Start today! Indeed, tomorrow may come too late.

Seeking Forgiveness & Mercy:

We are weak O Allah, please do not leave us to ourselves even for the blinking of an eye. Protect us from evil.

Ya Allah, whoever seeks Your shelter, grant them sanctity and whoever seeks Your protection, protect them. Indeed You are Most Capable.

O Allah, bless us to worship You throughout life and make us die in a state when You are pleased with us. Ameen.

Ya Allah forgive our mistakes, conceal our secrets and cure our worries. Ameen.

May Allah have mercy on us at the final moment; may He make us die with sound faith; may He protect us from the torment of the grave. Ameen!

Seeking Guidance & Support:

Hold on to the rope of Allah during hardship and He will pull you out of every darkness into light. Never lose hope in Him.

Depression comes when you move away from light towards darkness. Come back to Allah, turn to Quran and Sunnah, do good deeds again. There is your cure.

Turn to Allah alone when you feel helpless and disheartened. And see how He instantly fills your heart with hope and motivation. Subhanallah!

Oh Allah! We implore you for patience in adversity and gratitude is ease. Please bless us abundantly!

Stay steadfast on the path of truth no matter how few people walk it. One cannot be upon falsehood even if the whole world is with them.

Of course, questions are bound to arise.

Here are some frequently asked ones:

Q: What kind of Islamic statuses can I find here?

A: You’ll find a diverse range! You can find inspiring verses and duas. There are also funny reminders and motivational quotes. This collection has something for every mood and situation.

Q: Will there be statuses suitable for all moods?

A: Absolutely! Whether you’re feeling grateful, seeking strength, or simply sharing a reflection, you’ll find relatable messages. They allow you to express yourself authentically.

Q: Can I use these statuses if I’m not Muslim?

A: While these statuses are rooted in Islamic values, many messages on gratitude, kindness, and self-reflection resonate universally. Feel free to share messages that speak to your heart, regardless of your faith background.

Q: How often are new statuses added?

A: The beauty of online communities is their constant evolution! New statuses emerge daily, thanks to user creativity and inspirational resources. Stay tuned for regular updates in this article to discover fresh gems.

Q: Can I copy and paste the statuses directly to my Whatsapp?

A: Absolutely! That’s the whole point! Feel free to copy and personalize any status that resonates with you.


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