15 Incredible Benefits Of Tahajjud Prayer You Probably don’t Know

Benefits Of Tahajjud Prayer

Assalam Alaykum Brothers and Sisters, I Hope You are Well. Today, through this article, we will try to tell you the 15 Interesting Benefits of Tahajjud Prayer, and we hope you will like it very much.

Every night Allah Swt descends to the lowest heavens and calls out, calling out saying, what does he say? Who is there seeking forgiveness when the 3rd of the night remains? Who is there seeking forgiveness so I can give? Who is there, repenting so I can accept? Who is there, asking me any of their needs to provide.

Imagine you get, and you look at the time and say wow, Allah is calling, Allah is calling me, Oh Allah I am the one, I am seeking, Oh Allah me, I want forgiveness, Oh Allah forgive me, I have a need, I am calling out to you, I know that you’re here to answer me, call out to Allah, he will give you what you want.

If it is Toubah and Istagfarr, he will forgive you; if it is anything else, he will grant it to you, when he knows it’s the right time, he will give you what he knows is better for you, Subhanallah, so this is the time of Tahajudd. That is the most blessings time of the night, and it’s the early hours of the morning we call it. The last part of the night is the part of Tahajudd.

Narrated by Uqba ibn Amir (R.A):

“When one out of two persons of my Ummah gets up at night and motivates himself for Wudhu despite not feeling to do so since Shaytaan had tied knots on him. When he washes his two hands in Wudhu, one knot is loosened. When he washes his face, another knot is loosened when he wipes his head with wet hands, and another knot is loosened; when he washes his feet, yet another knot is loosened. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala says to those behind the veil- His angels: “Look at My slaves! How much hardship he is enduring in dealing with his Nafs (inner self), so now whatever this slave asks of Me, it will be granted to him.” (Ahmad)

What is Tahajjud Prayer

The Tahajjud prayer is an optional prayer offered by Muslims just before dawn. Tahajjud is derived from the Arabic word meaning “to struggle” or “to strive.” Muslims believe that this prayer is one of the most important prayers to offer because it is in this prayer that the believer is closest to Allah. In this Prayer, the worshipper seeks forgiveness for sins and asks for Allah’s help in fulfilling their obligations.

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15 Benefits Of Tahajjud Prayer

Allah the Almighty has mentioned the Tahajjud prayer in His Glorious Book and has praised those who perform it. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: “He who performs the Tahajjud prayer out of sincere faith and hoping for the reward from Allah, will have his past sins forgiven.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

The following are 15 benefits of Tahajjud Prayer that have been mentioned about Hadith:

Allah says in Quran

Most merciful who are searching for the mercy of Allah at night spent their night between prostration and bowing Ruku and Sajda; they spend a portion of the night in salah.

What would this mean Allah did not even speak about the five daily prayers because those are obligatory they are in order now you want the mercy of Allah you need to make an extra effort come on, my brothers and sisters once in a while, get up for salat ul Tahajjud.

Deliver prayer and hope

Tahajjud prayer is very effective because a person remembers Allah when the whole world is sleeping. And at this time, Allah accepts all the prayers and hopes of his believers.

“Every night Allah Tabaraka Wa Ta’ala descends (to the heavens of the world) when it is the third of the last night. He said: “Whoever calls me, I will allow his appeal. Whoever asks me, I let his request. And whoever asks forgiveness of Me, I forgive him. “ (Bukhari and Muslim)

Protects against disease

There is no doubt that Tahajjud prayer protects a person from various diseases. And also, if someone is sick, it gives him Shifa.

The prophet (PBUH) said, “Do night prayer because it is a tradition of pious people before you, a means of getting closer Allah, prevention of sin, erasing wrongdoings, and preventing all kinds of diseases from the body.” (Tirmidhi)

Heart and face is beauty

Every person in the world wants their face and heart to be beautiful, so we should offer Tahajjud prayers.

The prophet (pub said, “Whoever is doing a lot of night prayers, then the face will look handsome or beautiful in the daytime.” (Ibnu Majah)

The goal is easy to achieve

The easiest way to achieve any of your goals is to read Tahajjud’s prayers along with hard work; Inshallah, that work will be done quickly.

“I have given him what he expects (goals) and gives a sense of security from what he fears.” (HR Ahmad)

Helpful to Eliminate laziness

Before the beginning of any day, if we make it a habit to offer the Tahajjud prayer, there will be no laziness around us.

Become virtuous man

Along with the five times that one has to offer Namaz, he is counted among religious people if a person also offers Tahajjud Namaz.

“So be patient, for (the) Command (of) your Lord, for indeed, you (are) in Our Eyes. And glorify (the) praise (of) your Lord when you arise, And of the night, glorify Him, and after the stars.” (At-Tur 52:48-49)

Preventing from sins

When a person performs the Tahajjud prayer, Allah SWT keeps him away from the wickedness of Satan so that a person avoids sinning.

“So be patient, for (the) Command (of) your Lord, for indeed, you (are) in Our Eyes. And glorify (the) praise (of) your Lord when you arise, And of the night, glorify Him, and after the stars.” (At-Tur 52:48-49)

Avoided from difficulty

When a person performs the prayer of Tahajjud, then Allah Ta’ala protects him from all the troubles that come, so that is why we should offer the prayer of Tahajjud.

Face looks shining and glowing

The person who cries in the dark of night in front of Allah SWT talks about him, then Allah SWT brings light on his face and troubles.

“Because they are alone with their Lord at night, then Allah gives them some of His light.” (Al-Maqrizi, Mukhtasar Qiyaamallail).

Get Rid of the Devil

Satan always tries to lead a person to the wrong path, and those who are steadfast believers and believe in Allah never fall under the guise of Satan.

“Satan is binding with three ties. Each of them says, ‘You still have a long night, go to sleep!’ If he wakes up in the name of God, then a bond is released. If he performs ablution, then he loses the next bond. And if he does the prayer, then let one more bond so that the next day he becomes diligent, as well as with his soul. Otherwise, his soul becomes dirty the next day, and his soul becomes lazy. ” (Muslim)

Increase our iman and faith to Allah

One of the great benefits of Tahajjud prayer is that it increases our faith and leads the person towards Allah, increasing their faith.

Savior from hell’s punishment

Friends, you must know that the punishment of Hell is very dangerous. May Allah protects all of us from him; we should weep and pray to Allah in Tahajjud prayer so that we can be saved from the torment of Hell.

Will be raised his level/degree by Allah

Those who offer Namaz five times and offer Tahajjud prayers, then in the eyes of Allah, that person is more important than an ordinary person because he remembers Allah except his sleep while the whole world is sleeping.

Accelerate blood circulation

There is no doubt that Namaz has many benefits to the human body. Similarly, Tahajjud prayer has many benefits for the human body, one of which is that the blood circulation of the human body is good.

The Luckiest person

There are very few people in the world who offer Tahajjud prayer, but these are also those who get instruction from Allah. Otherwise, you can see that in the third part of the night, the whole world sleeps, and only a few people from Allah That is why these people are very fortunate.

Friends, we hope you will like these benefits mentioned by us and share them with your family and friends so that those people also know these Benefits of Tahajjud Prayer.

Conclusion: Benefits of Tahajjud Prayer

Friends, it is not only necessary for us to know these benefits of Tahajjud Prayer, but we should try to benefit from them. All of us should read Tahajjud Namaz, which will be beneficial in the world also in the hereafter.

Only Allah knows better, offering the benefits of Tahajjud Prayer.

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