New York Ramadan Time Table 2024 – Sehri & Iftar Timing

New York Ramadan Timings 2024: Today is January 31, 2024 in New York. It is the 19th Rajab 1445. Here are the Sehr and Iftar times for New York: Sehr is at 05:49 AM and Iftar is at 05:12 PM (Hanafi). For the Shia community (Fiqa Jafria), Sehr is at 05:39 and Iftar is at 05:22. You can find the 30-day Ramadan time table for New York.

Ramadan Calendar 2024 New York

105:57 AM7:00 PM11 Mar 2024
205:56 AM7:01 PM12 Mar 2024
305:54 AM7:02 PM13 Mar 2024
405:52 AM7:03 PM14 Mar 2024
505:51 AM7:04 PM15 Mar 2024
605:49 AM7:05 PM16 Mar 2024
705:47 AM7:06 PM17 Mar 2024
805:45 AM7:07 PM18 Mar 2024
905:44 AM7:09 PM19 Mar 2024
1005:42 AM7:10 PM20 Mar 2024
1105:40 AM7:11 PM21 Mar 2024
1205:38 AM7:12 PM22 Mar 2024
1305:37 AM7:13 PM23 Mar 2024
1405:35 AM7:14 PM24 Mar 2024
1505:33 AM7:15 PM25 Mar 2024
1605:31 AM7:16 PM26 Mar 2024
1705:29 AM7:17 PM27 Mar 2024
1805:28 AM7:18 PM28 Mar 2024
1905:26 AM7:19 PM29 Mar 2024
2005:24 AM7:20 PM30 Mar 2024
2105:22 AM7:21 PM31 Mar 2024
2205:20 AM7:22 PM01 Apr 2024
2305:19 AM7:23 PM02 Apr 2024
2405:17 AM7:24 PM03 Apr 2024
2505:15 AM7:25 PM04 Apr 2024
2605:13 AM7:26 PM05 Apr 2024
2705:11 AM7:28 PM06 Apr 2024
2805:10 AM7:29 PM07 Apr 2024
2905:08 AM7:30 PM08 Apr 2024
3005:06 AM7:31 PM09 Apr 2024

New York Ramadan Timing 2024

The 2024 New York Ramadan Calendar shows the New York Ramadan time. Today’s Sehri Time is at 05:49 and Iftar Time is at 5:12. Today, on Sunday 31 Jan, 2024 is 19 Rajab 1445 of the islamic month.

The Sehr and Iftar times for Shia Muslims in New York are a few minutes earlier. The Sehr time is 05:39 and the Iftar time is 05:22.

However, there are different variations of this name. In Arabic, people call it Ramadan. But, in other parts of the world, there are other common pronunciations. They include Ramzan, Ramazan, Ramadhan, and Ramathan. The Islamic calendar is usually 10 to 12 days shorter than the Georgian calendar. Iftar time in New York varies each year. It is a reason that many people use the Ramadan calendar 2024 New York. They use it to check Roza, Iftar, and Sehri times.

Muslims in New York can use the Ramadan Calendar 2024 to see the fasting hours. Besides Sehri and Iftar time in New York today, you can also see prayer timings and Qibla direction. You can find more information about New York on other pages.

Iftar time in NYC varies by area. This is especially true for areas far apart. This Ramadan 2024 New York schedule is good. It’s valid for New York Counties, including Kings, Queens, New York, Suffolk, Bronx, and Nassau. Experts usually advise stopping eating 1 to 2 minutes before NYC’s last Sehri time. With the help of this Ramadan 1445 calendar, you can do fasting as per the NYC Ramadan timing 2024 for your town. You can see the new Ramadan 2024 NYC timetable. You can also get the NYC sunrise time.

Approximately 9% of Muslim residents live in New York. They have been an important community to living in the big city. Ramadan has been a significant month in the Muslim community. People place a great deal of importance on Taraweeh in Ramadan. That is why many Muslim community centers in New York conduct prayers. They do Sehri, Iftaar, Quran Khawani, and Taraweeh for the month.

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