Witr Prayer: How To Pray Witr Salah Step By Step Guide

If You Want to Learn a step-by-step Guide about How to Pray Witr Prayer, you have come to the Right Place.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Witr prayer. Witr is a beneficial optional prayer in Islam. After performing Isha and before Fajr prayers, they emphasize it.

The prophet muhammad also used to read the prayer of Witr, as proven by authentic Hadith.

Witr Prayer is a very beneficial prayer that every Muslim should come to read.

But there is no one to Teach Witr Salah to our dear Muslim brother step by step.

He does not find useful information on YouTube or Google. In despair, he does not read the Witr Prayer.

Don’t Worry Brothers and Sisters Today. I want to discuss How to pray Witr Prayer. The meaning of Witr prayer, it’s time, how many Rakat, Dua Qunoot, and many more related issues.

If you follow this article from beginning to last, then you will be able to read Witr Prayer.

One hadith says, “Allah has prescribed for you a prayer by which he may increase your reward, Which is a Witr prayer.”

In another report, Sayyedna “Someone asked Ali (Radi Allah) if Witr prayer is compulsory. He answered:

As for being like Farz (compulsory) prayer. it is not.. “yet it is a sunnah of your prophet, and it is not appropriate for anyone to leave it.” 

In this guide, we will discuss the meaning, importance, and step-by-step instructions for how to Perform Witr Prayer.

We will also cover the history and origins of Witr prayer, its benefits, and the time for performing it.

What is Witr Prayer

Witr is an Arabic word. Muslims perform Witr namaz in Islam after Isha and before fajr prayers. The authentic hadith proves that our prophets also used to read the prayer of Witr.

Why is it important?

This is the first one that we’ll mention from these optional prayers. It is the Witr Prayer, which is important.

The prophet (PBUH) used to pray even when travelling, so the Witr Prayer is important.

Witr Prayer is one of the most emphasized optional prayers. This is the most stressed optional prayer in the Sunnah that Muslims should pray witr prayer.

All Muslims and scholars agree on the legislation of the Witr Prayer. Some scholars believe that the Witr prayer is an obligation.

You’re supposed to pray it, and you can’t miss it. Still, many scholars have mentioned the most emphasized of the supererogatory prayers.

Meaning of Witr Prayer

Witr is an Arabic word that means “odd number.” We read two Rakat namaz in the night, which would have been even number namaz. To make it odd, we read one Rakat in witr or three Rakat in witr namaz.

This prayer is not obligatory for Muslims. Yet, the prophet Muhammad PBUH recommended it. He stated, “We should not accept the testimony of a bad man who neglects Witr.” (Tirmidhi)

How Many Rakats in Witr?

The small Rakat could be One Rakat, or could be three Rakat. It could be five or seven Rakat, the odd-number whether it is one of three or five odd-number prayers at the end of the day. This is the Witr Prayer.

What Time is Witr Prayer

The scholar mentioned that Muslims should pray the Witr prayer after isha salah. You can continue praying it until fajr time.

Many hadith mention the importance of the Witr prayer and the scholars. They say that if a person is sure they will get up in the last third of the night for Tahajjud, they should not pray Witr after Isha. If you are sure you will wake up in the last third of the night, don’t pray Witr after Isha.

But if you’re not sure, that will be waking up in the last third of the night. In that case, the scholars say pray it after isha salah.

How to Pray Witr Step by Step

first rakat of witr prayer
first rakat of witr prayer

The method of offering Witr prayer is no different from other prayers.

First, make the Niyyat (intention) how many Rakat you have to pray, for example, 1, 3, 5, other Rakat.

First Rakat

  • If you want Niyyah (intention) of three Rakat, then read this “I intend to perform the three Rakat of the Salat Al Witr.
  • You say Takbir “Allahu Akbar” This starts the prayer.
  • Begin reciting “subhanakal-lahumma wabihamdika watabarakas-muka wataa ‘ala jadduka wala ilaha ghayruka.
  • Then read this: “Audhu billahi min-ash-shayta -nir-rajeem Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-raheem”
  • Reciting Surah al-Fatiha
  • Then recite Surah Al-A’la or Another Quran Ayat.
Surah Al Alaa
Surah Al Alaa
Sabbihi isma rabbika alaAAla. Allathee khalaqa fasawwa. Wallathee qaddara fahada. Wallathee akhraja almarAAa. FajaAAalahu ghuthaan ahwa. Sanuqrioka fala tansa. Illa ma shaa Allahu innahu yaAAlamu aljahra wama yakhfa. Wanuyassiruka lilyusra. Fathakkir in nafaAAati aththikra. Sayaththakkaru man yakhsha. Wayatajannabuha alashqa. Allathee yasla annara alkubra. Thumma la yamootu feeha wala yahya. Qad aflaha man tazakka. Wathakara isma rabbihi fasalla. Bal tuthiroona alhayata addunya. Walakhiratu khayrun waabqa. Inna hatha lafee assuhufi aloola. Suhufi ibraheema wamoosa.
  • Then go into “Ruku” (the bowing position). Say “Subahaana Rabbiyal Azeem” at least three times.
  • And stand up straight and say  “Sami Allahu liman Hamidah” with “Rabbana lakal Hamd
  • After that, go into the first Sajda and say “Subahaana Rabbiyal Aa’la” at least three times. Then, follow this step with the second sajda, using the same word “Subahaana Rabbiyal Aa’la”.

Second Rakat

  • Rise to proceed to the next Raka’at,
  • You say “Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-raheem
  • Reciting Surah Al-Fatiha
  • Another part (Surah) of the Qur’an or surah Al-Kafirun.
Surah al Kafirun
surah Al-Kafirun
Qul yaa ayyuhal-kafirun. La a’budu maa ta’buduun. Wa la antum ‘Abiduna maa a’bud. Wa laa ana ‘Aabidum maa ‘abattum. Wa laa antum ‘abiduuna maa a’bud. Lakum diinukum wa liya diin.
  • Go into Ruku (the bowing position) and You say “Subahaana Rabbiyal Azeem
  • Stand up straight when you says “Sami Allahu liman Hamidah“, and say “Rabbana lakal Hamd” in a low voice.
  • Go into the 1st Sajdah and You say “Subahaana Rabbiyal Aa’la
  • Now go into the 2nd Sajdah and You say “Subahaana Rabbiyal Aa’la”
  • After this, you sit for Tashshahud: You recite just At-Tahiyyat

Third Rakat

  • You say “Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-raheem
  • Reciting Surah Al Fatiha
  • Another portion (Surah) of the Qur’an or Surah Al-Ikhlas.
Surah al Ikhlas
Surah Al-Ikhlas
Qul huwallahu ahad. Allahus-samad. Lam yalid wa lam yuulad. Wa lam yakul lahuu kufuwan ahad.
  • You Again say takbir “Allahu Akbar
  • Reciting Dua Qunoot
  • Go into Ruku (the bowing position) and We say “Subahaana Rabbiyal Azeem
  • Go into the 1st Sajdah and We say “Subahaana Rabbiyal Aa’la”
  • Now go into the 2nd Sajdah and We say “Subahaana Rabbiyal Aa’la
  • After this, you sit for the complete Tashahhud. You recite At-Tahiyyat, Allah-umma Salli, Allah-umma Barik, and Rabbana Durood Ibrahim.
  • Turn to your face to the right first. Say “Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah.” Then turn to his left and do the same.

Dua for Witr Prayer in Arabic

When you go to the third Rakat of Witr, then at that time, you have to recite Dua Qunoot.

Dua Qunoot in Arabic
Dua Qunoot for Witr Prayer

Is Witr Wajib or Sunnah?

Ubaada ibn Sabit” narrated this hadith. When he heard other companions saying Witr is wajib, he became angry and said, “No, this is not true.”. and the evidence is tha hadith of the Prophet (PBUH).

Is Witr mandatory? It’s a contentious issue. But, according to the majority of Muslims, it is not mandatory. They base this on the hadith of “ubaad ibn Sabit”, may Allah be pleased with him. The only required thing in the five daily prayers is what the Prophet (PBUH) has stated. He said, “hamsus salawt.” These are the five mandatory prayers that Allah has obligated upon his servants.

Whoever performs them on time and perfects their Wudu, Rakat, and Sujood has a pledge with Allah SWT to forgive their sins. If they don’t, it is up to Allah whether to forgive or punish.

Hadith on Witr Prayer

Narrated Ibn Umar: Once a person asked Allah’s Apostle about the night prayer. Allah’s Apostle said, “Offer the night prayer as two Rakat, then two Rakat, and so on.” If anyone is afraid of the approaching dawn (Fajr prayer), he should pray one Rakat. This will be a Witr for all the Rakat he has prayed before,” said Nafi’. He told that ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar used to say Taslim between (the first) two Rakat and (the third) odd one in the Witr prayer. He did this when he wanted to attend to a certain matter during that interval between the Rakat. (Reference: Sahih Al Bukhari 1: Chapter 15, Hadith 990.)

Narrated Ibn Abbas: Once, I passed the night in the house of Maimuna (his aunt). I slept across the bed while Allah’s Apostle and his wife slept length-wise. The Prophet slept till midnight or nearly so and woke up rubbing his face and recited ten verses from Surat Al-Imran. Allah’s Apostle went towards a leather skin, perfectly performed ablution, and then stood for the prayer. I did the same and stood beside him.

The Prophet put his right hand on my head, twisted my ear, prayed two Rakat five times, and ended his prayer with Witr. He laid down till the Mu’adh-dhin came, then he stood up and offered two Rakat (Sunna of Fajr prayer) and then went out and offered the Fajr prayer. (See Hadith No. 183, Vol. 1). (Reference: Sahih Al Bukhari 1: Chapter 15, Hadith 992)

Narrated `Aisha: The Prophet (PBUH) offered his night prayer while I was sleeping across in his bed. Whenever he intended to offer the Witr Prayer, he used to wake me up, and I would offer the Witr Prayer too. (Reference: Sahih Al Bukhari 1: Chapter 15, Hadith 997)

How to Pray Witr Salah Video

Correct way to Perform Witr Salah

How to Pray Witr If you don’t know Dua Qunoot

If you don’t know Dua qunoot Then you can aslo recite this dua in witr prayer.

‘Allāhumma Rabbanā Ātinā Fi al-Dunyā Ĥasanah Wa Fi al-Ākhirati Ĥasanah Wa Qinā ‘AdhābaNār’.

If one does not know this either, he can pray, ‘Al-Ikhlas’ three times.

Witr Prayer Question (FAQs)

How do I Perform 1 Rakat Witr?

Pray one rakah like a normal prayer. After reciting “Surah Al-Fatiha” and another surah, make Qunoot. Then, rise up from ruku, do sajda, recite tashahhud, and make salam.

Can I pray Witr without Sunnah?

It is not necessary to perform the Sunnah prayers before Witr prayer. Sunnah prayers are optional and voluntary. But, we recommend performing the Sunnah prayers before the obligatory prayers. You can also perform the Sunnah prayers before or after the Witr prayer.

It is a Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to perform two Rakat Sunnah prayers before the Witr prayer. You can perform these Sunnah prayers at any time. It’s best to do them before the Witr prayer.

How do you pray single Rakat Witr?

Pray one rakah like a normal prayer. After reciting “Surah Al-Fatiha” and another surah, make Qunoot. After rising from ruku, do sajda, tashahhud, and make salam.

Is Witr Prayer Compulsory?

Witr prayer is one of the most emphasized optional prayers. This is the most stressed optional prayer in the Sunnah that Muslims should pray witr prayer.

Can I pray Witr After Midnight?

You should pray Witr after isha salah. The Witr prayer begins after isha. You can carry on praying it until fajr time enters.

Can you pray to Witr Namaz twice?

The witr actually by definition means odd prayer. And if we pray witr namaz once, that is enough.

What is the appropriate time to offecr Witr Prayer?

It is best to pray witr toward the end of the night, toward the last one-third of the night. But if you’re not sure that you will get up, you can pray at the beginning of the night or after isha salah.

What happens if you miss Witr prayer?

If you miss Witr prayer, it is recommended that you make it up as soon as possible or perform it when you are able to. Also, it is always possible to ask for forgiveness and make up for missed prayers.

When is Witr Prayer prayed?

The scholar has stated that one should pray the Witr prayer after isha salah and before fajr salah.

Can you pray Witr before Tahajjud?

The prophet (pubh) said; If you pray witr salah before tahajjud that is witness and it is better for you.

Can you pray Witr before Isha?

No we can’t pray witr before isha salah because it is end or last salah of a day.

Can you pray Witr before Fajr?

If a person is sure that he can wake up before the fajr prayer, he should pray witr salah before fajr.

Can you Pray before Taraweeh?

If you think you will miss your Taraweeh prayer, it is better to pray witr before Taraweeh.

Can you Pray before Sleeping?

The Prophet (pubh) said that if you fear that you will not get up toward the end of the night, you offer witr salah at the beginning of the night or after isha salah.

In conclusion, we hope this guide has given a clear and comprehensive understanding of Witr prayer. It includes its meaning, importance, and method of performance.

We encourage our readers to refer to authentic sources such as the Quran and Hadith. They should also consult with knowledgeable scholars for further guidance on Witr prayer.

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