How can your kids memorize the Quran in 1 year?

Memorizing the Quran is a huge responsibility and can be difficult for kids in the beginning. The kids should be motivated and encouraged to work harder and learn the Quran consistently to memorize it quickly.

Children need the guidance of elders and their support to help them memorize the Quran. The adults should keep a check on them and help them in managing their hifz routine.

Nothing is difficult if a person is determined. Similarly, if a child works hard enough he/she can learn the Quran within a year too.

Here are some Practical tips that will help your kids to memorize the Quran in 1 year:

Have a structured Hifz plan

To memorise the Quran in a short span of one year, it is very important to have a structured and personalized Hifz plan. The plan will help kids to learn the book of Allah step by step effectively.

The Hifz plan can be organised in a way that it is easier for the children to follow every day. Once the kids get used to learning, the everyday portion of the Quran to memorize can be increased.

Following an organized hifz course will help them focus better and will improve their memorizing abilities. It will also help them define their hifz goals and achieve them.

Have a qualified Hafiz Tutor

Having a qualified tutor, who is a Hafiz of the Quran, is very important. The tutor can easily guide the kids about the Quran memorization and can help them learn effectively by giving different effective tips. Providing also very structured Hifz classes for kids is quite important in order to help them memorize and revise the Quran fast.

A professional tutor will also help the kids learn the rules and tajweed of the Holy Quran so they can memorise it in the expected way.

Having a tutor will develop a routine for the kids. It will make them practice their lessons everyday so that they don’t make mistakes in front of the tutor. This will help them learn faster effectively.

Start from Juzz Amma

Starting memorizing the Quran from the smaller Surahs will be easier for kids in the beginning. They can start memorising the Quran from Juzz Amma; Juz 30th, because it has short surahs.

The surahs are easy and gradually the ayats start increasing. So it won’t be difficult for kids to memorise them. It will also boost their confidence as they will be able to memorise in a short time.

Once the children become used to learning, gradually their mental capacity will grow and they will be able to learn the bigger Surahs quickly. So, starting from Juzz Amma can really fasten the Hifz process of children.

Have a practical strategy for revision

Learning the Quran also includes revision as revision is very important to not forget the learned portion of the Quran. Revision helps the kids to memorize effectively.

Like memorization, there should be a practical strategy or a plan for revision too. The revision can be daily, weekly and monthly according to the land portion everyday.

A practical strategy for revision can help to memorize the Quran effectively without forgetting the previous lessons. So the parents should make sure that the kids are revising their Quran and can listen to their recitation to make sure there are no mistakes.

Set a Hifz goal and reward them once they achieve it

To keep the kid motivated, the parents can set a hifz goal for them. The goal can be daily, weekly or monthly according to the kid’s ability to learn. Setting a goal for the children will make them do more effort and achieve the goal.

Once they start achieving the goals, reward them with their favorite things so that they are encouraged to achieve more and more goals in the future. Try to also motivate them by talking about the benefits and viruses of learning the surahs like virtues of Surah Al-Mulk as an example.

This will also make the memorization process interesting for the kids and they will strive to learn better and quicker with time, as children love gifts.

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Give them a weekly report regarding their performance

When doing a task, evaluation is very important. So, while the kids are memorizing the Quran it is important to give them a report of their performance weekly or monthly, so that they can know about their strengths and weaknesses and can work on them.

It can also help you understand the learning ability of your children and you can set goals for them accordingly, or help them if they are lacking or are making mistakes.

Giving them a weekly report regarding their performance will make them analyze the memorization process, and come up with a better strategy to improve the hifz.

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